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How to Make Money from Blogging? 5 Steps To earn from Blogging

How to make Money from Blogging: It’s not necessary to be an influential blogger or have a large social media audience in order to make a lot of money from writing blog posts. Today in this article we are going to know how to make Money from Blogging and the 4 steps towards it.

Internet Live Stats reports daily global web usage statistics that show millions of blog posts being published each day. The sheer volume can feel overwhelming, but bloggers state that this is a mindset problem and that it’s all about identifying unique insights.

It is easy to create a blog. However, to be successful in growing and monetizing it takes time and patience.

Some bloggers earned $10000 in passive income from their blogs per month.

To make your blog successful you should follow a few steps. Here are the opinions of experts on starting a blog in 2022 and becoming a successful blogger.

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How to start a blog in 4 steps?

You may need to take different steps depending on your blog’s niche and overall goals. The five steps you need to follow to create a blog are:

  1. Select a niche.
  2. Choose a content management system.
  3. Get your domain name, and blog hosting.
  4. Configure the tools and plugins needed for WordPress.
  5. Create Engaging and Helpful Content for your Niche.

1. Select a Niche

What are you most passionate about blogging? Think what’s the topic you are passionate about? 

Once you have answered this question, dive deeper to see how new blog posts on this topic can differ from the rest.

You should also consider the audience you wish to reach when writing blog posts. Sometimes, it’s more important to identify your niche than the topic.

2. Select a Content Management System

A CMS or content management system is software that lets you publish and create content online. Ghost and WordPress are two examples. Content management systems make it easy to set up a blog platform, without needing HTML or any other coding knowledge. 

In this article, WordPress.Org will be referred to. WordPress.Com offers services to help you build your WordPress.Org website.

WordPress dashboard allows you to control almost all aspects of your blog from one open-source platform. WordPress is hugely popular.

In order for WordPress blogs to work properly, you need to set up web hosting and choose a WordPress theme. Then, you must install WordPress plugins.

Make sure you choose a platform that offers seamless experiences for end-users. You have many options. Each platform has its pros and cons that you need to consider before you decide which one is the best.

3. Buy a Domain Name and Blog Hosting

Your domain name refers to the Uniform Resource Locator or URL of the website. This is what visitors will type to access your blog and should match the name that you have chosen for it. 

As an example, if you’re planning to use the blog name “Hashoneblog” it would be ideal to choose a domain name like www.hashoneblog.Com. 

Domain names can be purchased through sites such as Bluehost and HostGator, Namecheap, Godaddy, and other domain name providers.

For your website to go live, you’ll need to set up a web hosting account. 

There are two options: You can do the hosting yourself, or hire a website-building service to handle it. 

Some even offer a free domain or blog hosting perk. There are many templates that you can choose from, although there will be fewer options for customizing your site.

4. Set up the necessary WordPress plugins and Tool

Your blog should have reporting tools before you start publishing posts. These tools not only increase your blog’s growth but also help you understand what is and what isn’t working.

Then create social media accounts for any platform you choose to use like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

To check if your blog is indexed before publishing your first post, you can visit the Google Search Console. Search engines won’t find your new blog if it’s not.

Therefore, sitemap submissions are required to allow people to find your blog online.

5. Create Engaging and Helpful Content for your Niche

It is essential to create engaging, useful blog articles that will encourage readers to return for more. It’s important to take the time to understand your audience and identify their top interests. If you want to monetize your blog, every new post you publish must include a call to action.

you can also watch the video to know more about blogging.

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Congratulations your site is ready. Make sure to write unique and useful content for your visitor. daily update and check issues of your blog post. if you follow all the steps, you can definitely earn money from blogging.

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