Royal Caribbean will be using SpaceX’s Starlink technology on its cruise ships

Royal Caribbean, which also operates Celebrity Cruises as well as Silversea Cruises has announced it will equip its fleet with SpaceX’s Starlink internet services ( via TechCrunch). 

According to the company, the service will improve the speed and reliability of the internet while at sea.

Royal Caribbean appears to be making great progress in deploying Starlink. It tested the service aboard one of its ships this summer and will officially launch it on September 5, starting with the Celebrity Beyond. 

The company anticipates that the service will be fully operational across its fleet within the first quarter of 2023.

Royal Caribbean’s announcement does not include any technical details like the number of Starlink dishes that its ships will use or how bandwidth would be divided between a few thousand passengers. 

The company promises that users will be able to use streaming services and make video phone calls.

Starlink Maritime is a boat-focused internet service from SpaceX. It was launched earlier this summer. It currently covers only coastal waters around North and South America including New Zealand, Europe, and the Caribbean, but SpaceX claims it will soon cover all of the oceans.

SpaceX is busy with Starlink right now. The most prominent is the partnership it has with T-Mobile for beaming texts and calls to mobile phones using second-generation satellites. It plans to launch next year. 

The company is also collaborating with Hawaiian Airlines, and charter carrier JSX in order to offer Wi-Fi in-flight.

This is something Delta (and most likely other) are also investigating.  A Starlink version for RVs has just been launched by the company,.

According to a report by Reuters, the industry has struggled to recover from the pandemic. 

Cruise companies, like many other businesses, have faced staffing problems, some even having to cancel their trips. 

It is also unclear whether consumers will continue to spend on luxury items like cruises. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell warned that inflation efforts will cause “some pain to households” and businesses.

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