The best way to MCU is coolest Persona

The MCU needs to give The Hulk a new start. Joe Fixit's comic book character and outfit are ideal for this.

These comics show why the Hulk from the MCU would be a great transition to Joe Fixit's Joe Giant persona.

The most well-known manifestation of the Hulk is the green anger monster. He has largely remained the same throughout most of Bruce Banner’s comic book stories.

This is the most surprising Hulk appearance, complete with a gangster makeover, and a grey outfit begs to be made canon in the MCU.

Hulk was actually taken to a magical world where he helped a group alien magic users overthrow a villainous ruler, while the general population watched.

He will also produce a miniseries with Peter David and Yildiray Ciar. Joe Fixit would make a great Marvel Cinematic Universe character.

Sins Joe Fixit's Marvel Comics character would give the Hulk a new direction. His introduction would be a major shift in the character's pace.

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