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What is technical SEO: How to do it?

Search engine optimization is mainly divided into OnPage SEO and Off-Page SEO. Many new bloggers ignore technical SEO. However, technical SEO can also be as important as those on and off pages.

For a website to rank high in search engines, it is important that people do SEO. If you don’t pay attention to technical SEO on the site, the website page won’t be indexed on search engines, which can impact the ranking of your site.

This is why we’re going to talk today about technical search engine optimization(SEO)

What is technical SEO?

As we mentioned above, technical SEO is also a type of SEO. This can be considered part of on-page SEO.

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Technical Seo is all about the technical issues of your site. It focuses on the technical aspects of websites such as making your website responsive, improving security, user experiences, mobile-friendly pages, and readability.

Technical SEO assists the search engine with crawling and properly indexing our website regularly.

Why technical SEO is important?

Search engines strive to deliver better results to their users. This is why they rank pages with good user experience, loading boldly, safe data, and good website design.

Search engines have always had the goal of providing the best search results to users so that they can be satisfied and return to that engine again and again.

Poor technical SEO on the website search engine Google is now doing deindex.

Technical SEO is a must if your website wants to be properly indexed in your all content.

How to do technical SEO on a website?

It’s not necessary to modify the website’s code in technical SEO. You must optimize your website to comply with Google guidelines for technical SEO. We have explained what you should pay attention to when doing technical SEO.

Speed Optimization for Site Pages

Google places greater importance on content, as compared to the previous. However, for the moment, speed is also important.

The google search console now allows you to select page experience. It shows how many cores of web vitals pages have been passed to your website. Google core vitals can be found in the google search console. It shows the page’s speed.

To pass the URL in core web vitals you need to improve 3 aspects of the web pages: LCP, FCP, and CLS

You can improve them by paying attention to these points –

  • High-quality server
  • Image optimization  
  • Premium Theme
  • Caching Plugin


SSL protects your website and ensures that data does not get into the wrong hands. Search engines recommend that you use SSL.

This SSL certificate hosting company can be obtained from Cloudflare. Go to com to get SSL installed for free. Visit com to install SSL free of charge.

Robots.txt is a file

You will need to add code to this file that tells the search engine which pages of your website it should crawl. If you are using WordPress, you can use the SEO plugin rank math, or Yoast which will assist you in creating a robot. txt-file.

Mobile Friendly Pages

As I’ve already mentioned, search engine always gives the best results to users. Mobile users make up the majority of search engine users today.

It is essential that your site be mobile-friendly in order to make it work. Mobile-friendly pages can be created using responsive themes.

Duplicate Content Optimization

Duplicate Content is the repetition of a page on your website. It is important to remove duplicate content from your website. This is important for technical SEO.

These technical SEO checklists can be used to correct the SEO of your site.

Minify JavaScript & CSS File

The load time of your website can be reduced by minimizing the javascript/CSS files. This will make it load faster.

Broken links optimization

A broken link is when you add links to other websites on pages that have just been deleted.

Broken Links can cause a negative user experience on your blog.

XML Sitemaps

We must also create an XML website map. It’s a file that lists all links on your website. Sitemaps aid in indexing the website URL in Google.

It’s easy to create an XML sitemap with the WordPress SEO plugin. You can also search for google sitemap generator, which will give you sitemaps free of charge.

404 Error Optimization

A 404 page indicates that there is no URL on your website. If people search for the URL, the page is called a 404 error. By redirecting the 404 page to your home page, or to any other page, you can improve 404 errors.

Submit deleted URL to Google

If a page was removed from your website, you will need to submit the URL to Google Search Console. Google Search Console offers an option to delete URLs. You can also submit deleted URLs.

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Google’s current search results are very competitive. This is why you need to be aware of all three aspects of technical, off-page, and on-page SEO.

In this article, you know what is technical SEO and how to solve it. Share it with your friends and spread knowledge on technical SEO.

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