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What is WordPress? Should you use it or not?

49% of the top ten million websites use WordPress. It is used worldwide by large international organizations such as Microsoft, Sony Music, PlayStation, Time Magazines, CNN, Disney, the White House, and many others. 

It basically acts as the engine that powers a lot of internet sites and keeps them running. In this article, we know What is WordPress? how can you use it to build your website?

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS i.e content management system that manages websites. It basically is website software. It also provides an administrative backend. This is where blogs can be created, pages designed and code changes can be made. In WordPress, you can easily install themes and plugins as your need.

What is WordPress

A website visitor only sees the “frontend”, which is the actual pages that are indexed via the internet. Those pages are created, designed, and run on the site’s “backend”, which is only accessible to users with correct login details. This backend is WordPress. 

You can also use another content management system like Joomla or Drupal. However, these systems are more common than WordPress which is simpler to use.

If you require additional features such as the ability to point WordPress to your domain name, you will need to either purchase a account or install the software free of charge on your web hosting account. offers a lot of control over your website’s design.

Many web hosting companies offer a one-click solution to install on your website domain. You used to have to install manually and set up databases.

This was tedious and could lead to you having to do it again. You can click a button and your web host company will do it for you in just a few minutes.

WordPress features

We have now established WordPress’s purpose. Let’s now examine the features that make WordPress the most popular content management system on the internet. We can’t cover all the features that WordPress has to offer. There are many worthy ones. 

Here are the top and most important features that make WordPress stand out from the rest.

Many customization options

WordPress makes it easy to personalize your website, especially in real time. You can instantly see any changes made to the page and click the button when you are satisfied with the results. Click on the page to add text or image blocks.

A large theme library

You need to build a website. It needs to be built on foundations. You should have a wide range of themes available.

You are spoilt for choice. But in reality, it is more difficult than you think to find the right one. 

Although there are filters that allow you to specify specific features, it is likely you will encounter a theme with all the features you require, unless you have one thing you absolutely must have.

You can either buy a pre-made theme or hire a developer to create one for you. There are many candidates to choose from on Upwork, Fiverr, and other similar sites. 

Elementor is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop plugin that allows you to build websites. While the free version is sufficient for most users, the paid version costs $49.

Plugins are available for all users

After you have your theme set up, it is time to add functionality to your website. These plugins are available in a variety of formats, including a large number of free and a larger number of paid.

Despite this, you should resist the temptation to install too many plugins. Your site will be slower if you have more plugins installed. 

Google search rankings, which are heavily dependent on page speed, will be affected.

 If you have more than 15 plugins installed, I recommend that you review them and see if there are any you can remove. You should stop at 20 plugins.

Background updating

WordPress is a platform that powers many websites. frauders naturally target WordPress-powered sites. 

A vulnerability in WordPress’s platform code can allow for a wide range of websites to be. 

You must make a habit of updating your WordPress theme, plugins, and WordPress version regularly with the most recent security patches. It is common to forget to do this.

WordPress now allows you to enable auto-updates. WordPress will then automatically update your site in the background without you having to interact.

Optimized URLs

There are many things that you must remember if you want to rank highly in search results. An optimized URL structure is a key element to ranking high in search results. 

An optimized URL structure that is short, descriptive, and searchable by Google.

WordPress allows you to specify the elements that go in your links and what structure you would like.

Registration and permission levels

WordPress makes it easy to log in to WordPress for staff or customers. You can set the default role for each user and enable registrations on your site under the Users tab. You can manually add users and change their roles.

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